Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mt. Nagpatong itinerary - rock climb

Rock climbing without harness or anything

with Herold Vergel de Dios

morning - 711's Run800

10:45 arrived at Cogeo P24 from Cubao
10:52 to Cuyampay Tanay Rizal P50
11:50 to brgy Hall P30
13:23 Peter's house - fix ourselves
13:40 start Trek
15:00 arrived at Nagpatong Rock summit
16:10 descend from Nagpatong Rock, rock climb to another rock
17:40 Peter's house fix ourselves wait for a last trip jeepney
18:43 finally to Cogeo P45)
19:45 to Cubao

guide fee P500 negotiable
motorcycle service P200-P250

Morning event is the 7-11 800 Run at Roxas Blvd. This is mine and Badz' first time to run. That's why we only take the beginner's 'distance', 3km.

Sto Nino QC Feast Day - side trip until 06:30 courtesy of Romer Matubang with Casper Jacob and Francis Tablate

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