Monday, February 25, 2013

Mt. Pulag Itinerary 02232413– one of the worst condition – tail of the typhoon attacks

Appie Cruz
Badz de Dios
Caleb Escobal
Casper Jacob
Dhang Sunga
Ervin Ponsaran
Ken Espinosa
Kix Tablate

Day 1

01:00   meet up at McDonald’s Munoz, coffee/midnight snack
01:30   leave Munoz
05:00   arrived at Kennon road – Caltex-cr
06:30   St. Joseph Baguio – transfer from van to jeepee
07:00   leave Baguio
11:00   DENR P150/9 guide fee, P150-180 tshirt (optional), seminar, registration, picture taking
12:00   leave to Ambangeg ranger station from Bokod
13:00   start trek
14:00   camp 1
16:30   camp 2 - fix tent, coffee, cook dinner

Day 2

04:30   wake up – listen to the radio for the weather update and climate/temperature condition
            Coffee, cook breakfast, fix tent
08:30   descend
09:00   camp 1
10:00   ranger station
11:00   leave jumpoff – with Ace, Ac/kush & Greg
12:00   DENR – log out
13:00   Jangjang Restaurant – fix ourselves - P60 meal(unli rice) P10 banana
14:55   St. Joseph transfer from jeepee to van
           Mansion House, Mine’s view, Burnham Park , Night Market, pasalubong
23:00   leave Baguio bound to Manila
03:00   arrived at McDonald’s Munoz
03:30   HOME <3<3<3

Wow! This is really awesome and a very memorable one!

As night begins, I am torn between going to the Hot-air balloon-Arayat and Pulag-Panagbenga. I of course packed my things for wherever I choose to go. Before the day ends, Kix called me up and asked me if I would like to accompany him to pick Ervin from Monuz because they cabcelled their Pulag climb because the organizer itself is not going because of the "bad weather", typhoon has just been gone but there are still rain showers.

There, when I reached McDonald's Munoz, they're all there! Geez, I wanna shout! Hehehe! I don't know what to think that time. I rush myself freshly from bathe to reach Mcdo to meet Kix and Ervin only without thinking of changing my short & shirt. When they decided to push in climbing Pulag, I decided to go with them because they're all not going just to add their number.

At exactly 12 in the morning, we leave McDo and pick each of our packed things and decided to meet again at McDo at 01:00. We leave Munoz exactly at 01:30 with our take-out midnight snacks at McDonald's. I am sad that siblings Yhang and TJ can't come especially Yhang because she's been longing to climb Mount Pulag.

Geez, inside the rented van is fun! really fun! Kix, Caleb, Ken, Ervin and Badz are snooring really loud! lol! Bloopers are around and I am really laughing the whole trip! We stopped by the Caltex nearby Kennon road  to 'comfort' ourselves :D. It is really traffic but slowly moving. We started opening the windows and stopped the AC since it is already cold outside when we proceed from Caltex.

At 06:30 we reached Baguio at St Joseph parish parking. I am so overwhelmed by the place. I saw monks for the 3rd time when I entered the church (blessing part)! I first saw monks at St Jude church along Quezon Avenue and second at Trappist at Guimaras island. I prayed for our safe climb as always! When the rented jeepee arrived just minutes passed, we transferred our things from van and leaved around 07:00

Around 07:00, we stopped by some certain area to buy other things needed and food and drinks and around 08:00 to some restaurant to eat breakfast.

Meal is expensive for me! After eating, we proceed our trip riding on top of the jeepee with Badz, Appie, Casper, and Dhang. When you are toploading, you can see the magnificent view of the dam! So cool and so wide! At 09:20, we stopped by Jang-jang-Balengasay footbridge and cross it. Then head back  the road to DENR for registration and others requirements.

At DENR, you have to have an advance registration specially for seasons like this -summer and cold season. As declared, reservation is already full from February to March. And you have to undergo a
20minutes seminar/video viewing of the magnificent Mt. Pulag's ' chasing clouds'. I learned from Superintendent Albas that we have this cloud rat which can be found only in the Philippines particularly in Mt. Pulag! Seminar pertains to the conservation of Mt. Pulag and its living things paricularly cloud rat, tribe's beliefs, and other concern. Our batch composed of 6 groups-in for the seminar. Ours are the smallest. We are 9, the others are 36. 39, 16, 15, and 12.

Mt. Pulag's exit points/trails

with DENR superintendent Albas 

Wacky daw sabi ni Madam :D

Team 5C Traverllers symbol

Jeepees hired for the day taking climbers to the ranger station in Ambangeg will not be less than 10. Some already stick up because of the slippery road. 

Few minutes from DENR, there is 1 jeepee that stick up on the road. because road is muddy and slippery. Ours too, stick up for about 10-15 minutes where we are 15 minutes away from Ambangeg ranger station. Jeepee can't go up because the concrete road is covered with mud. Everybody even bouncing, which helps a little, until Kix, Badz and Caleb try to push the jeepee which is effective though. The man whom sweeping slowly the mud through the flowing water in the hose a big help too.

Benguet Dam links captured through mobile - or

Jang-jang-Balengasay footbridge - a footbridge used to transfer the water source and has a very nice view

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