Sunday, May 11, 2014

Paalam Aga

Sa mundong ibabaw ay kay daling mawala ng munting buhay na ating hiniram sa MayLalang. Hindi rin natin masasabi kung kailan at kung papaano natin mapanghahawakan kung kailan natin gustong manatili sa mundong ito.

Ang tanging sigurado ay ngayon. Ngayon tayo ay buhay, ngayon tayo ay gumagalaw, at ngayon tayo ay kapiling pa ng ating mahal sa buhay at mga kaibigan o sila natin.

Ang bukod tanging magagawa natin ay magnilay, magbabang-loob at sa tuwina ay magpasalamat sa Poong Maykapal sa lahat ng biyayang kanyang ipinagkaloob at higit sa lahat sa buhay at pagkakataong nakakapiling pa natin ang isa't-isa. Humingi ng tawad at magpasalamat sa isa't-isa.

Sa iyo Aga, salamat at nagkaroon kami ng pagkakataong makasama ka sa isang climb. Salamat sa mga ngiti at tulong mo sa aming lahat. Nawa'y mapatawad ka ng Poon at tanggapin ka Nya sa Kanyang kaharian at kasamang mabuhay magpakailanman. Kasama ng lahat ng mga santo at mga anghel sa langit, ni Mariang birhen, San Jose, hinihiling namin ito sa ngalan ni Jesus, Amen!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mt. Halcon May 1-4 2014

with XTMSI
Arnel Austria
Elvin Idiosolo
Andrews Minglana
Bong Damian
Chris Dioso Casidsid
Rommel Sandoval Omeng Chorva :D
Leo Madamba
Mitch de Juan
Mitch bf
Marie Angeli Tan

Lead Guide: Randell - Zeus

Day 1
02:45 left Batangas pier through Montenegro shipping line
04:45 arrived at Calapan
08:00 left Ilaya (sir Zeus' house) to Municipal
08:40 take a stop for 'i don't know' (for 9mins)
09:00 Municipal Hall - papers, permits, etc
09:50 left Municipal hall to jump-off
10:25 arrived jump-off - court area
11:30 start trek
21:00 arrived at e-camp with Chris and Rj

Day 2
08:00 start trek to summit
          descended back to e-camp (in between camp 1 & 2)
          start trek for camp 1
          arrived at the river - dip, dry and swim
17:45 arrived at camp 1 - Aplaya
02:30 lights out :D

Day 3
06:00 wake up call :D
09:00 left camp 1
12:00 jump-off before noon
          buko juice
          dipped at a river till 15/16:00 ;)
          washed shoes, socks, tents, etc.
21:30 left Calapan through Best shipping lines
00:30 arrived at Batangas pier
          ride a bus bound to Cubao
02:30 arrived at Mantrade
03:00 home sweet home

After Mt. Mayon/Mayon Volcano and Mt. Daguldol, here comes..., Mt. Halcon!

I confirmed my attendance on the day itself through sir Chris. But I really have this doubt in my heart. I don't know why. When I reached Alabang before 21:00 at April 30, 2014, I decided not to go through so I stayed in the unloading area of the buses and wait for Rj for the food because I don't know either where the group will meet. But then sirs Bong and Drew carry me to the group. Thanks to them! :D

I don't wanna create a scene but that's what happened. I am creating a scene. May they forgive me. :( I am really doubtful and whenever I have this feeling, it is not really good if I still go. I did not care whoever greets me that time. I am really in a bad mood. I don't really feel good. Because of sirs Bong and Drew and Marie, I decided just to send them to the terminal where they'll all ride a bus.

When I reached there, I just asked where will I ride a bus back to Buendia. Unfortunately, Rj forgot to give me my other phone which I have to go back because I used it for texting and calling. On my way going to where I supposed to ride a bus back to Buendia, I saw texts of sirs Drax and Elvin. To my shame, I have to go back again and personally say sorry for the Calavite climb and for this one. Fortunate enough because I did not see sir Drax that I have to wait for him to show up because I only saw sir Elvin (who tends to keep on throwing me words of that Calavite climb which makes me think of going still.. :( Good thing, I decided to send them to Batangas. It is accessible then to ride there than in Alabang.

But when Rj asked me to, I don't know, I really can't say no to his expression. My only problem is, I don't really withdraw any cents and there's no atm inside the Batangas pier, even in Calapan (withdrewn before the end of Day 3) :D

I really  don't understand myself, I am in a bad mood since I arrived at Alabang and even in Calapan. Sir Bong and Drew just consoles me with some words I don't are helpful or not. :( I am also worried of the limatiks because I am not ready with it! And I don't have any trail food! None even a single candy in my pocket! Geez.

It's May 1st, Labor Day, it always rains. I asked for a sign for a certain task. Start of the trek is hot. At noon, rain pours. Maybe a good sign for that certain task I asked for :) At the open area, before Marie, Chris, Rj and I started our trek on a rainy and slippery ground, sir Zeus made a raincoat made of trash bag for me :D Only 5 of us remains (with porter Carlo) in the area because we enjoyed sir Zeus stories of the death and other tragedies/experiences, disappointments, etc,. that happened in Mt. Halcon.

Oh yeah! It's 15:30 when we reached toll gate 2! lolz! I wonder why it is called toll gates? Is there any toll fees?! Geez, that is why it is called toll gates because there a house just in front of the 2nd toll gate bound to collect a "donation" with a fixed amount? :D

Oh yeah, limatiks are everywhere! The kind of limatik in Pantingan (Bataan), the one I called to be lousy yet traitor kind of limatik :D they are just around the corner right after the court minutes after the trek. And after the e-camp is the 'active' limatiks just like the ones in Makiling (Laguna). I think they called it 'tiger-like' kind of limatik because of its stripes. I don't know... :D

Oh well, I did not expect Rj would go like the first timer in hiking (yeah, both of us don't have any climb months ago, not even a single minor training climb). We have lots of take 5s, 10s and or 20s, not seconds but minutes, resulting us to arrived at the e-camp at 21:00. Well, fine with me even though as much as possible I want to arrive to the destination ahead of everyone for me to get more rest, because I am not stressed out with our trek. So slow and smooth... I just hate limatiks! :D makes me crazy!

And before I forgot, this climb is one of the memorable I guess. The trail kind is so relaxing minus the limatik! I really love this kind of trail! Somewhat Arayat, Tarak, Pulag and Apo. The trail from e-camp (between camp 1 & 2) to summit is somewhat a combination of Apo and Tarak. And camp 2 is really like Tarak's saddle campsite. After the ladder to the summit is a Balingkilat trail-like!

Since most of the trail is an ascend-kind from the start, descending is as easy/smooth as going down from mrt/lrt stations. lolz In less than 3 hrs from camp 1, yehey! I made it to the jumo-off on my own pacing which makes it great because I don't feel any pain then even days after that days climb in Mt. Halcon.

Lord, Jesus Christ, I  always thank You for everything! Specially that everyone is safe! I hope everyone's happy too.

Marie Angeli Tan, thank you for being a good sport with the team's jokes.

XTMSI, thank you so much, always! Thank you for not letting me go out of my 'tantrums' :D

Aaron, congratulations for being the new XTMSI President and the rest of the team's new officers.

Chorva and Bunso, the climb is meaningful with both of you, whether as officers or members only. LOLZ :D :D :D DAMI KONG TAWA!!!!!!

(dipa completo IT ko. kasi wala pa ang pics na pinagbabasehan ko ng oras)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mt. Natib - most awaited climb with the limatiks

Mt. Natib, Oh Mt. Natib... ;)

I really am waiting for this day to climb Mt. Natib! Been hearing that Mt. Natib is prone to ‘limatiks’ too. Whenever I hear limatik, I always remember Mt. Makiling. I am the first one to have been jumped with by those leeches that time that we went to Mt. Makiling, that’s why. And who’ll forget that limatiks are like rain shower that keeps on falling to us from the leaves and branches of the trees that we are passing by.

There, Of course I wear fit clothes and socks to secure myself if ever there are many limatik on our way to the peak of Mt. Natib. Indeed such a beautiful sight! :D

Thanks to Xandrea for the invitation! Schedule is just right. Received new Wanteeners shirt in black & white and meet the Wanteeners. Didn’t make it in Pangasinan but now I did. I am surprised to see Rodney. I thought he’s up to something new aside from mountaineering. Hehe :P On my own pacing, I reached the peak within 3hrs. I am sorry to the group because I really intend to go with/without somebody with me as long as I know Jay Marquez is ahead. I wanted to join with the group on our way up or so. But I really can’t because before our trek, my left knee hurt already. So I have to go ahead as quick as I can because of my knee. As we descend, I really am thinking of going or not to Pasuklan Falls especially when I heard that it’ll take another 3hrs to the falls. Geez, it’s like trekking to the 2nd summit/peak. Wehehe!

Good thing I decided to go through because the falls is really amazing, plus the rainbow which amazed me more. Then as we stayed longer, the rainbow just in the falls is going up from the water where everybody bathed. Entrance path to the falls is somewhat scary (lolz). You have to cross the fence to enter to the path on the other side. I always asked Jay whether we are not trespassing. My heart keeps on beating as we go :D. The trail to the falls is like trekking to several hills because of its up and down kind. Then a quarter to the falls, you’ll passed by several streams where Melvin even able to get water to drink of J  brave enough to drink water from that streams. And goodness, of how tall the falls is, you also have to go down that high with care because of the left and right ‘bangin/cliff’. Thanks God everybody is well!

Since my purpose is to see what kind of falls will I be seeing, I decided to go after few or 30minutes. I told sir Art that I really have to go because of my knee and because I don’t want to walk in the dark that night because I don’t think I am well enough. And whether I have to go ahead, they surely will reach me when they go. Melvin decided to go with me. And so Yokyok, a 17yr old guide of the 3 mountaineers.

I let Melvin and Yokyok go ahead of me not knowing that they both are new. While Mt. Natib is Melvin’s first climb, Pasuklan Falls is Yokyok’s first time also in the place. They even don’t have the idea of the mountaineering trail signs. I only knew it all when I decided to go back to the fork. After our 1st stream from the falls, there is a fork. On the left side is the right trail to where we started our trek (and to the peak). While on the right side is the trail to Abucay. When I reached the fork, Melvin and Yokyok are meters away from me. Since I know Yokyok is a guide, I assumed he knew the trail. When I called them and asked them if they’re sure of the trail, they did not reply. Instead, they continue walking. Well then, I am a bit injured that i just have to follow them, trusting that they knew the trail we're taking... lolz! Of course, who will wonder that the guide that we are with know nothing of the Pasuklan Falls trail...? wehhehe.

Oh, well, I really did not bathe at the falls for me to descend earlier than the others since I am injured :) but turns out differently of what had happened.

Thanks God, we all got to the jump off all well, though tired... but of course contented and happy with the beauty of the falls.

Kailangan ko ng san mig!mahabahabang kwentuhan to...wehhehe lolz wal apa pala ang IT wahahha

Mt. Batulao - my 4th, oo pang apat nga eh ;)

Camiguin Island Philippines - IT and expenses

Samal Island Philippines - best sidetrip after climbing Mt. Apo

Mindanao Roadtrip - October 2013

with Arjay and Rome

hindi natuloy ang D2K ko... :(

Davao to Cagayan de Oro

After climbing Mt. Apo, next target ko is Dulang2-Kitanglad which is famously called 'D2K' by mountaineers. 

kahit hindi natuloy ang D2K ko, so thankful and happy still because I am with my dearest guys!!! I am happy that while on our way, hindi nila ako pinayagan dahil sa biglang buhos ng malakas na ulan. dahil, naramdaman kong 'love' nila ako! wehehehe ;)

Cagayan de Oro to Pagadian

Pagdating sa CDO, bili ng food and deretcho agad sakay ng bus naman papuntang Pagadian since wala palang direct na biyahe to Zamboanga ;)

Pagadian to Buug Zamboanga Sibugay

there, we waited for an hour for the bus kasi ba naman madaling araw na. good thing sinusunod nila ang nakatakdang oras na biyahe ng bus may sakay man o wala. o diba, vongga!

Buug Zambonga Sibugay to Pagadian
1st time ko makakita at sumakay ng tricycle na 'face-up' ang dating! super cool!!! feeling ko talaga malalaglag ako at babaliktad sya! wehehhe
Pagadian Lanao del Norte to Misamiz Oriental to Cagayan de Oro ;)

Mt. Apo - Philippines' highest mountain peak -October 18, 2013

with Team 5C Travellers:
Arjay Bernales
Kix Tablate
Rome Matubang
James Jacob
Appie Cruz
Josie Villaver
Caper Jacob

Pantingan-Tarak traverse - my 2nd traverse with the gang-October 2013

1st Explorac-1st trail run-so much fun-September 2013

dahil birthday ni Ms. Tamiray - September 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

wahahaha! matatwa ba ako o hindi? esep esep

may picture post na tinag sa akin.... okay, like like like...then I noticed, ang isang friend, hindi naka tag. so tinag ko... whoa! bakit hindi ko sya ma tag?! so iniisip ko nag iba na sya ng search search ng possible name, nang hindi ko talaga matag.e di stop na ako...wehhehe

ang siste, here comes another week, inadd ako ni friendship, (thinking) bakit kaya ako inadd...? e friend ko na naman sya, so syempre hindi ko inadd kasi baka duplicate/huwad na account lang...

after ko umuwi ng province, sinearch ko ang conversation namin sa messages, wow!!!! nasurprise ang beautyness kow!!!naka lagay sa profile ng message nya, "facebook user" wow talaga blinock ako ni friendship....?!i am wondering bakit nya ako blinock...?! y o y utan gaway?! wehehehe! so ayaw ko na mag isip kasi wala naman ako alam na dahilan para i block nya ako...try ko sana i msg ang jowairs nya, wawits blocked din ako...?! y o y utan gaway...what's up with me...? o what's up with them...? iniisip ko nagselos ba sa akin ang jowa ni friendship o sya mismo...? magseselos lang sya kung alam nya na nililigawan ako ni friendship na hindi ko sinagot before sya...?kasi ang alam ko, kaming 2 lang may alam na nanliligaw sya sa akin. or maybe some of friends o ang sibling nya...? y o y utan gaway..? wala talaga ko maisip na dahilan... we were(si friendship at jowawers) in good terms naman, cash, installment, department, malayness ko...? hayst! hayst! hayst! iniisip ko tuloy ano bang dahilan at sinu, sino ang nag initiate sa kanila na i block akech? syempre have no means to communicate them kasi si friendship nakasave ang number nya sa nasira kong sim at si jowawers naman wala kong number nya... i don't even wanna bother naman our friendships...hindi ko alam kung alam nila na blinock ako ng mag jowawits....wehhehehe! even ang sibling ni friendship nakakausap ko pero wis ko ask kasi hindi ko alam f alam ni sibling. Kaya pala, 1 time tinawagan ako ng 1 friendship, namimiss na yata ako ni friendship at napagkamalang ako ang kausap nya..wahahhaha! e bakit nyo ako blinock...? wahahaha sinong nagseselos ikaw o sya? wake wake up naman pag may time hindi na kayo bata no... :D dami ko na lang tawa...  sana may sign... :D i wanna know...really.. kasi hindi naman tayo nag away 3 diba...?confused

though, i miss you, both!

esep esep

Friday, September 20, 2013

BonChon experience

I don't know why BonChon is so popular.
My first time here is with 5C (Rome, Badz, March, Kix) (t'was March  I guess?!)
We had a great time from Trach 30th of BGC and BonChon after.
We we're having great time at this place until the store closes for diners. Our group stays inside and March-5C's PT, was able to check Badz knee through her portable ultrasound gadget connected in BonChons port of course. Wehehe!
Well, my first time to taste their well-known "BonChon chicken", it is crispy though. Tastes good for me. Though the chicken is small in size compare to any other fastfood/restaurants whatever they call it. :D Ko-Yo is finer than McDonald's. Serves right since it is a yogurt and McDonald's a sundae. Anyway, what is the difference between sundae and yogurt?! They differ in spelling! lol

My second time was last night. After a ball game, Dom decided to eat at BonChon. Geez, he has lots of comments. And that he really didn't like it there! Added to his dismay is the squid I ordered. its look is deceiving. Looks big outside and tiny rings are inside. :D in fairness to BonChon, the crisps stays, and that's what I like it there. Wehehe! :P Hmmm, one thing, the rice, I like their rice! :D

crispy crepe-mango

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kanta para sa mga babae mula sa mga lalaki :D

Soapdish new single at Glorietta 2013

Ito ay kwelang kanta. Naputol lang kasi wala palang memory card ang phone ko... :(
I only just don't know the title. wehehehe!

Sabi nya (diko sila kilala eh! :D), para daw ito sa mga babaeng hindi pinapansin silang mga lalaki!

Masasabi ko lang, ang mga babae, por que hindi kayo pinapansin ay wala na kayong halaga. Ganon agad?! Agad agad?! Hindi ba pwedeng may pinagdadaanan muna? :D wehehehe! Hindi pwedeng umiiwas muna hanggat maari? Hindi naman por que iniiwasan kayo, ay hindi na kayo gusto... Try nyo! lol! Pag pinansin kayo niyan, tuloy-tuloy na yan... Iyon nga lang, mali nyong mga lalaki pag ganon naman ang nangyayari, mga lalaki naman na ang umiiwas? That's the irony! :D

I'm glad, bumalik ako sa bulwagan at sinubukang makinig sa banda kahit hindi ko sila kilala. Ako naman kasi ang tipong alam ang kanta pero hindi kilala kung ano ang title at sino ang kumanta! Wahaha! In fairness, silapala ang kumanta sa ibang mga kantang LIKE ko! Wehehe

Soapdish at Glorietta 072813 Pwede ba?!

And I miss you so much Dr. X

Soapdish new single

I miss you so much!
It's been 8 years and months. But until now, it's still you I've been dreaming of. It's still you I am missing. If only I could turn back time. I tried but all else failed. No offense meant to all of you guys, I ended up comparing them to you! Many, friends are asking why am I still single, they're wondering if I am telling the truth that I don't have a special someone. Yeah, I do have "you" before. Not just a special someone but a very loved special 'you'. All because of me. Now it's me who can't move on. If I am destined to be like this, so be it!

If only someone would care and love me the way you did!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Anibersaryo?! Unang akyat, taong 2012, ika 28 ng Hulyo

Because of you Rodney Yu, look, good luck sa Run and goodluck din sa akin! 27 mountains?! wehehehe!

Dito ko din unang nakilala sina Mina and 'ka' Jose
alin ang naiba?! :D (herbench vs merrell

Almost 2 months nang hindi umaakyat...

Kahapon, nakasabay ng bus na sinasakyan ko ang Victory Liner.
Bigla akong napaisip, kailan kaya ako ulit aakyat...? Nakakamiss...

Sa lahat po ng mountaineers na nakasama ko, CHEERS po!

Hindi kung anuman ang sukatan, kundi ang pagbabahagi ng pagkatao mo sa iba. Ang pakikitungo na tipong sa kapwa ko lang mountaineers nakukuha o nakikita. Ang paggalang at pagbati, at pagngiti sa kahit na sinong makasalamuha o makakasalubong, ang tanging nakakapagsaya sa akin habang umaakyat ng bundok. Pakiwari ko ba, ang lahat ay magkakapatid at magkakakilala na siyang dapat at aking pangarap.

Noon, ang tuwina'y pangamba ay kung makakasalubong ko ang mga 'bandido' na kung tawagin. Pero kalaunan, habang ako'y tumatagal, sa pag akyat. marami akong natututunan at hindi na ako nangangamba kailanman lalo na nang mapadpad ako sa Arayat. Ika nga, sila ay tao din. Hindi ko sila kilala. Pero sa lahat ng akyat ko at sa lahat ng nakakasalamuha ko, ang pagkakapatiran lamang ang aking natatanggap/nararamdaman. Pawang kasiyahan at paggalang sa isa't-isa.

Sa bawat akyat ng bundok ay may mga kaakibat na kwento at mga karanasan na hinding hindi makakalimutan kailanman!

Mayon Climb, the best ever!

Diwatang Gala nga naman... <3<3<3 (4075)- higit na nagpapasalamat sa mga nagbinyag sa akin ng pangalang ito

1.  Mt. Manabu July 28, 2012
2.  Mt. Batulao August 20, 2012
3.  Mt. Cristobal August 25, 2012
4.  Mt. Balagbag September 9, 2012
5.  Mt. Sembrano September 16, 2012
6.  Mt. Batulao September 23, 2012
7.  Mt. Makiling October 7, 2012
8.  Mt. Tarak October 13-14, 2012
9.  Mt. Maculot October 21, 2012
10. Mt. Tagapo October 28, 2012
11. Mt. Damas November 3-4, 2012 All Souls/Saints Day climb
12. Mt. Arayat November 11, 2012
13. Mt. Pundaquit December 2, 2012
14. Mt. Pico de Loro December 16, 2012
      Mt. Balagbag December 22-23, 2013 - First Team 5C Travellers Outreach
15. Mt. Malipunyo-Manabu-Maculot December 30-31, 2013 Year-end climb
16. Mt. Tapulao January 6, 2013 - First SOLO climb - dayhike
17. Mt. Nagpatong January 20, 2013
18. Mt. Tarak January 26-27, 2013
19. Mt. Pantingan-Tarak Febraury 3, 2013 2nd group to traverse
20. Mt. Timbak-Pulag February 9-10, 2013 Chinese New Year climb
21. Mt. Pulag February 23-24, 2013 negative 4 temperature climb-<3<3<3
22. Mt. Cristobal March 10, 2013 KOG's G2 pre climb
23. Mt. o Hill 522 March 15, 2013 - pre-Birthday climb
24. Mt. Humarap March 16-17, 2013 -Birthday climb
25. Mt. Mayon/Volcano March 23-24, 2013 post-Birthday climb
26. Mt. Maculot April 6-7, 2013 SAR
27. Mt. Marami April 9, 2013
28. Mt. Tarak April 13-14, 2013
29. Mt. Daguldol April 20-21, 2013
30. Mt. Manalmon May 12, 2013 Mother's Day climb
      Mt. -Casiguran Aurora May 17-19, 2013 - BBBS Outreach
31. Mt. Batulao May 25, 2013 Mina's Anniversary climb
32. Mt. Maranat June 1-2, 2013 XTMSI/Hawk Eye/ Outreach

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Escape from the City - Off to Cebu-Bohol-Leye-Samar(BIRI) August 9-11, 2013

Been planning for the team's Out of the City tour since last year. Team 5C, Ito na iyon...
I am so excited! This should only be a Samar-Leyte Tour but just last week, before March' departure for US, the team agreed to go to Bohol too. Of course, when talking about Bohol, Cebu will not be set aside since it is in the middle of the area where we were! There is no direct flight as well from Calbayog to Tagbilaran or Cebu so better take the Cebu tour as well. I made this before with my previous officemates and now with mountaineering friends cum family. <3<3<3

Photo of Brendo Prudenciado

Photo of Brendo Prudenciado

August 9-11, 2013
Booked and confirmed, 10 na sana po walang aberya! the more, the merrier! :) ♥♥♥

Ang nakabook under Kix Tablate are the ff: Rome Romer, Engr Badz de Dios, Dhang Sunga, Amber Prudenciado and KEn Espinosa.
Sa akin naman: Era Myca, Cristalyn Jacob, Dennis Camara, Marvi, :D

For booking pa lang: Rex, Arjay, TJ, Casper, Caleb

Day 1 - August 9, 2013
04:20-05:35 from Manila to Tacloban-P200 terminal fee :D
06:00-08:00 Tacloban to Ormoc P150
08:15-10:45 Ormoc to Cebu P740 (will inquire if nagpapareserve sila ng trip since holiday ubusan ng ticket)
12:00 lunch sa SM!!! wahahahaha!lams na, just like Bacolod!
13:30 45mins taxi to Mactan Lapu-lapu
          45mins taxi to City (ask ko pa magkano if magrent tayo ng        
          jeep-if possible na may makuha tayo-hindi kasi uso doon)
          Magellan's Cross, Sto. Nino Church(oldest church) P10jeep
          Taoist Temple P10multicab, P25habalhabal
Find for a hotel/lodging house <3<3<3 :D (prefer nyo?!)
dinner at Mango Square or at the Cebu's famous barbequehan
SKYWALK sa Crown Regency!!! magkano na kaya ngayon!
Cloud 9

Day 2 - August 10, 2013
04:00 wake up call! LoL
08:00-10:00 Cebu-Tagbilaran port P530 (Supercat-anuman available na mas maaga)
Bohol tour (3-4k)
18:50 Tagbilaran-Cebu P530 (Supercat-anuman available na mas maaga)
Dinner ulit----socials (parang bundok parin! :D)
SKYWALK sa Crown Regency!!! magkano na kaya ngayon!
Cloud 9

Day 3 August 11, 2013
03:00 wake up call :D
05:30-07:50 1st trip Cebu to Ormoc P740
08:00-09:30 Ormoc-Tacloban P150
10:00-12/1pm Van to Calbayog P2-300
13:00 14:00 pumpboat P100
16:00 leave BIRI - ask pa po ulit ako if may masasakyan pa tayo pag till sunset ang peg natin!wehehehe!


Ang BIRI, ang last tour natin. better if may plane from Cebu to Calbayog kaso wala.. Bale habol tayo kasi sa oras ng transportation.

part of San Juanico Bridge recently taken by L-mer Jake Valle

Previous draft IT before today:
???no definite IT... go with the flow as always  Team 5C Travelers

Day 1 - August 9, 2013
1st trip fly from Manila to Tacloban-P200 terminal fee :D
07:00 Leyte Landing (P10/jeep & P10/sikad)
08:00 San Juanico Bridge- P???
09:00 Sohoton Cave- P???
6hrs travel-to(P150-Tacloban to Naval; P60-Naval to Ungale or P300-habalhabal/2persons or van(ask ko pa magkano :D )

Day 2 - August 10, 2013
06:00 Busay
10:00 Mt. Tres Marias P300 guide)
14:00 Sambawan and other beach-sunset?! P700/boat(big?!)

Day 3 - August 11, 2013
Biri Island!!!!

Last option:
Cebu-Bohol trip but without BIRI Island and mentioned above

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Joey Vergara - Missing or just roaming?! Go home safe!


Taken last March 2013

June 19, 2013

When Chorva text (GM I guess) that Joey is missing, I just waited for the update. I am a bit nervous but I know Joey is not just a simple mountaineer. He has the ability most mountaineers don't have. I prayed and posted for his safety through FB.

When a SAR request was received, I immediately posted it through FB (own timeline, Hiking Buddies, Mountaineering Itinerary, Let's Unite all the Climbers in the Philippines, and Diwatang Gala-Amber)  which I know the only means
to communicate fellow mountaineers and other concern citizens (of the Philippines :)) and monitor Chorva's text from time to time.

I received calls from my fellow mountaineers cum friends after my posts. We talked about him and only him of course. We believed that he's not missing. Hoping that he's just somewhere in the mountain exploring, having a very pleasant time loving it's beauty. He's not an ordinary one and we knew his capabilities. Positively thinking as always. More when fellow mountaineers commented about of him seen at Manabu by manong Mario (09994106990), our pretty good guide (Malipunyo traverse to Manabu) during our 3peaks in a day year-end climb 2012. That's a pretty well read comment. A very good sign that he's pretty alive and kicking (kaututang-dila!).

The very concern thing here is not him losing in the mid of the mountain because that'd the biggest issue for us to doubt. The only thing is, his food supply specially water/hydration, if all of those is enough on his little journey in that certain mountain. Plus, of course, his very own family which is understandable how they reacted. Parents knew how their children acts and their capacity in every thing. But with those period of time (3days without communication), you can not evade from the thing how love would bring you everywhere else just to see/be with your loved ones. In this case, no matter how well they knew Joey, they still have to exert effort for his safely still. And always hoping and praying that "all is well" out there!

I called the numbers Dennis gave me for us to know his existence (registration) in Manabu area, but failed. As the councilor (09215573332) said, he had no idea about Joey Vergara, according to him, he's not registered in their logbook. I even called up manong Mario but his number just keeps on ringing.

Please go home safe tomorrow!

At 06:16
Chorva text me about Joey's missing issue.

At 09:31
Text again about the confirmation that he leads some group to traverse Malipunyo-Manabu.

I posted what was Chorva text me (GM maybe) with permission.

Around 12:00
Andros commented on my post that Joey has been found already and on his way home.

At 12:37
Chorva texted that someone from kaladkaren group posted about Joey (was found already this morning).

At 13:28
Text that the group are ready for SAR headed by Aye, coordinated with Joey's family

At 15:26
Posted about immediate SAR requested by Joey's father:
Mga sir and madam, kakatawag lang po sir ayie, nid ng tao na avail 2nyt 4 SAR. .iniip0n pa nya grupo nya fr0m malab0n. . iL B avail bukas, il chek 2day f pwd aku, 2 hawk eye s0 far mkakasama! Nagpapa immediate sar ang daddy ni sir j0ey! Meet up malipunyo barangay 2lak na n0w! Thanks!---Chorva---

At 17:58
pag wala p c joey ngayon gabi. bukas report n nmin s police station n lipa at san pablo.
- txt po ni sir jess vergara 2me, jz n0w! Father po ni kap j0ey v. .---Chorva---

At 18:52
Ayie team, 2 hawkeye, mdrrmc tia0ng, certain philip team, mang mario n l0cals wil pr0ceed na, basecamp wil b in malipunyo, bka may mauna pu dun,h0ld muna 4 orientati0ns and briefing b4 mag pr0ceed,nag pa bl0tter napu xi sir jess vergara-father,sa mga nsasakupang bayan para wel c0ordinated po tau sa gagawing sar! Makikita pu xa,lets pray!


Grace Gunayon Navoa
kasama kami ulit ni sir joey nung sunday kaso ayun talagang mag solo MAL-MANABU-TRAV daw sya..hindi nya na kami ginayd pababa kasi gagabihin daw sya paakyat kaya kami lang ang bumaba,sabi pa namin...........................................

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER: Sir Joey “ kayo lang po mag isa”, dib a sir delikado, maulan,wala po kayong kasama..

JOEY VERGARA: OO, walang gustong sumama eh, SOLO climb-Pa MANABU TRAV

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER:San po kayo mag Camp –

JOEY VERGARA:Dito sa Peak 1, hindi ko na pala kayo masasamahan pababa kasi gagabihin ako paakyat

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER:Ganun po ba sir,(binigay naming lahat ng tira naming pagkain,worried kami kasi SOLO CAMP SYA SA PEAK 1

Bago bumama nag uusap pa si ALEX at SIR JOEY tungkol sa mga trail pakabila..
---mahabang pag uusap kasama si sir joey bago bumaba ang grupo,,,kwentuhan ng grupo bago kami magdecide na mag descend ng 2pm dahil may mga pasok pa po sa trabaho ang ilan sa amin…

JOEY VERGARA:Sige maam, sir,, ingat po kayo pababa,, txt –txt na lang,,

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER: 3:20 nakababa kami sa may tindahan,, uminom ng softdrinks,,5:20PM lipa bus terminal,,,dito nagtxt kami kay sir joey na nasa bus na kami pa alabang-wala syang reply....

---usually after nya mag guide sa amin magrereply sya sa txt namin----