Friday, September 20, 2013

BonChon experience

I don't know why BonChon is so popular.
My first time here is with 5C (Rome, Badz, March, Kix) (t'was March  I guess?!)
We had a great time from Trach 30th of BGC and BonChon after.
We we're having great time at this place until the store closes for diners. Our group stays inside and March-5C's PT, was able to check Badz knee through her portable ultrasound gadget connected in BonChons port of course. Wehehe!
Well, my first time to taste their well-known "BonChon chicken", it is crispy though. Tastes good for me. Though the chicken is small in size compare to any other fastfood/restaurants whatever they call it. :D Ko-Yo is finer than McDonald's. Serves right since it is a yogurt and McDonald's a sundae. Anyway, what is the difference between sundae and yogurt?! They differ in spelling! lol

My second time was last night. After a ball game, Dom decided to eat at BonChon. Geez, he has lots of comments. And that he really didn't like it there! Added to his dismay is the squid I ordered. its look is deceiving. Looks big outside and tiny rings are inside. :D in fairness to BonChon, the crisps stays, and that's what I like it there. Wehehe! :P Hmmm, one thing, the rice, I like their rice! :D

crispy crepe-mango

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