Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mt. Halcon May 1-4 2014

with XTMSI
Arnel Austria
Elvin Idiosolo
Andrews Minglana
Bong Damian
Chris Dioso Casidsid
Rommel Sandoval Omeng Chorva :D
Leo Madamba
Mitch de Juan
Mitch bf
Marie Angeli Tan

Lead Guide: Randell - Zeus

Day 1
02:45 left Batangas pier through Montenegro shipping line
04:45 arrived at Calapan
08:00 left Ilaya (sir Zeus' house) to Municipal
08:40 take a stop for 'i don't know' (for 9mins)
09:00 Municipal Hall - papers, permits, etc
09:50 left Municipal hall to jump-off
10:25 arrived jump-off - court area
11:30 start trek
21:00 arrived at e-camp with Chris and Rj

Day 2
08:00 start trek to summit
          descended back to e-camp (in between camp 1 & 2)
          start trek for camp 1
          arrived at the river - dip, dry and swim
17:45 arrived at camp 1 - Aplaya
02:30 lights out :D

Day 3
06:00 wake up call :D
09:00 left camp 1
12:00 jump-off before noon
          buko juice
          dipped at a river till 15/16:00 ;)
          washed shoes, socks, tents, etc.
21:30 left Calapan through Best shipping lines
00:30 arrived at Batangas pier
          ride a bus bound to Cubao
02:30 arrived at Mantrade
03:00 home sweet home

After Mt. Mayon/Mayon Volcano and Mt. Daguldol, here comes..., Mt. Halcon!

I confirmed my attendance on the day itself through sir Chris. But I really have this doubt in my heart. I don't know why. When I reached Alabang before 21:00 at April 30, 2014, I decided not to go through so I stayed in the unloading area of the buses and wait for Rj for the food because I don't know either where the group will meet. But then sirs Bong and Drew carry me to the group. Thanks to them! :D

I don't wanna create a scene but that's what happened. I am creating a scene. May they forgive me. :( I am really doubtful and whenever I have this feeling, it is not really good if I still go. I did not care whoever greets me that time. I am really in a bad mood. I don't really feel good. Because of sirs Bong and Drew and Marie, I decided just to send them to the terminal where they'll all ride a bus.

When I reached there, I just asked where will I ride a bus back to Buendia. Unfortunately, Rj forgot to give me my other phone which I have to go back because I used it for texting and calling. On my way going to where I supposed to ride a bus back to Buendia, I saw texts of sirs Drax and Elvin. To my shame, I have to go back again and personally say sorry for the Calavite climb and for this one. Fortunate enough because I did not see sir Drax that I have to wait for him to show up because I only saw sir Elvin (who tends to keep on throwing me words of that Calavite climb which makes me think of going still.. :( Good thing, I decided to send them to Batangas. It is accessible then to ride there than in Alabang.

But when Rj asked me to, I don't know, I really can't say no to his expression. My only problem is, I don't really withdraw any cents and there's no atm inside the Batangas pier, even in Calapan (withdrewn before the end of Day 3) :D

I really  don't understand myself, I am in a bad mood since I arrived at Alabang and even in Calapan. Sir Bong and Drew just consoles me with some words I don't are helpful or not. :( I am also worried of the limatiks because I am not ready with it! And I don't have any trail food! None even a single candy in my pocket! Geez.

It's May 1st, Labor Day, it always rains. I asked for a sign for a certain task. Start of the trek is hot. At noon, rain pours. Maybe a good sign for that certain task I asked for :) At the open area, before Marie, Chris, Rj and I started our trek on a rainy and slippery ground, sir Zeus made a raincoat made of trash bag for me :D Only 5 of us remains (with porter Carlo) in the area because we enjoyed sir Zeus stories of the death and other tragedies/experiences, disappointments, etc,. that happened in Mt. Halcon.

Oh yeah! It's 15:30 when we reached toll gate 2! lolz! I wonder why it is called toll gates? Is there any toll fees?! Geez, that is why it is called toll gates because there a house just in front of the 2nd toll gate bound to collect a "donation" with a fixed amount? :D

Oh yeah, limatiks are everywhere! The kind of limatik in Pantingan (Bataan), the one I called to be lousy yet traitor kind of limatik :D they are just around the corner right after the court minutes after the trek. And after the e-camp is the 'active' limatiks just like the ones in Makiling (Laguna). I think they called it 'tiger-like' kind of limatik because of its stripes. I don't know... :D

Oh well, I did not expect Rj would go like the first timer in hiking (yeah, both of us don't have any climb months ago, not even a single minor training climb). We have lots of take 5s, 10s and or 20s, not seconds but minutes, resulting us to arrived at the e-camp at 21:00. Well, fine with me even though as much as possible I want to arrive to the destination ahead of everyone for me to get more rest, because I am not stressed out with our trek. So slow and smooth... I just hate limatiks! :D makes me crazy!

And before I forgot, this climb is one of the memorable I guess. The trail kind is so relaxing minus the limatik! I really love this kind of trail! Somewhat Arayat, Tarak, Pulag and Apo. The trail from e-camp (between camp 1 & 2) to summit is somewhat a combination of Apo and Tarak. And camp 2 is really like Tarak's saddle campsite. After the ladder to the summit is a Balingkilat trail-like!

Since most of the trail is an ascend-kind from the start, descending is as easy/smooth as going down from mrt/lrt stations. lolz In less than 3 hrs from camp 1, yehey! I made it to the jumo-off on my own pacing which makes it great because I don't feel any pain then even days after that days climb in Mt. Halcon.

Lord, Jesus Christ, I  always thank You for everything! Specially that everyone is safe! I hope everyone's happy too.

Marie Angeli Tan, thank you for being a good sport with the team's jokes.

XTMSI, thank you so much, always! Thank you for not letting me go out of my 'tantrums' :D

Aaron, congratulations for being the new XTMSI President and the rest of the team's new officers.

Chorva and Bunso, the climb is meaningful with both of you, whether as officers or members only. LOLZ :D :D :D DAMI KONG TAWA!!!!!!

(dipa completo IT ko. kasi wala pa ang pics na pinagbabasehan ko ng oras)

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