Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mt. Natib - most awaited climb with the limatiks

Mt. Natib, Oh Mt. Natib... ;)

I really am waiting for this day to climb Mt. Natib! Been hearing that Mt. Natib is prone to ‘limatiks’ too. Whenever I hear limatik, I always remember Mt. Makiling. I am the first one to have been jumped with by those leeches that time that we went to Mt. Makiling, that’s why. And who’ll forget that limatiks are like rain shower that keeps on falling to us from the leaves and branches of the trees that we are passing by.

There, Of course I wear fit clothes and socks to secure myself if ever there are many limatik on our way to the peak of Mt. Natib. Indeed such a beautiful sight! :D

Thanks to Xandrea for the invitation! Schedule is just right. Received new Wanteeners shirt in black & white and meet the Wanteeners. Didn’t make it in Pangasinan but now I did. I am surprised to see Rodney. I thought he’s up to something new aside from mountaineering. Hehe :P On my own pacing, I reached the peak within 3hrs. I am sorry to the group because I really intend to go with/without somebody with me as long as I know Jay Marquez is ahead. I wanted to join with the group on our way up or so. But I really can’t because before our trek, my left knee hurt already. So I have to go ahead as quick as I can because of my knee. As we descend, I really am thinking of going or not to Pasuklan Falls especially when I heard that it’ll take another 3hrs to the falls. Geez, it’s like trekking to the 2nd summit/peak. Wehehe!

Good thing I decided to go through because the falls is really amazing, plus the rainbow which amazed me more. Then as we stayed longer, the rainbow just in the falls is going up from the water where everybody bathed. Entrance path to the falls is somewhat scary (lolz). You have to cross the fence to enter to the path on the other side. I always asked Jay whether we are not trespassing. My heart keeps on beating as we go :D. The trail to the falls is like trekking to several hills because of its up and down kind. Then a quarter to the falls, you’ll passed by several streams where Melvin even able to get water to drink of J  brave enough to drink water from that streams. And goodness, of how tall the falls is, you also have to go down that high with care because of the left and right ‘bangin/cliff’. Thanks God everybody is well!

Since my purpose is to see what kind of falls will I be seeing, I decided to go after few or 30minutes. I told sir Art that I really have to go because of my knee and because I don’t want to walk in the dark that night because I don’t think I am well enough. And whether I have to go ahead, they surely will reach me when they go. Melvin decided to go with me. And so Yokyok, a 17yr old guide of the 3 mountaineers.

I let Melvin and Yokyok go ahead of me not knowing that they both are new. While Mt. Natib is Melvin’s first climb, Pasuklan Falls is Yokyok’s first time also in the place. They even don’t have the idea of the mountaineering trail signs. I only knew it all when I decided to go back to the fork. After our 1st stream from the falls, there is a fork. On the left side is the right trail to where we started our trek (and to the peak). While on the right side is the trail to Abucay. When I reached the fork, Melvin and Yokyok are meters away from me. Since I know Yokyok is a guide, I assumed he knew the trail. When I called them and asked them if they’re sure of the trail, they did not reply. Instead, they continue walking. Well then, I am a bit injured that i just have to follow them, trusting that they knew the trail we're taking... lolz! Of course, who will wonder that the guide that we are with know nothing of the Pasuklan Falls trail...? wehhehe.

Oh, well, I really did not bathe at the falls for me to descend earlier than the others since I am injured :) but turns out differently of what had happened.

Thanks God, we all got to the jump off all well, though tired... but of course contented and happy with the beauty of the falls.

Kailangan ko ng san mig!mahabahabang kwentuhan to...wehhehe lolz wal apa pala ang IT wahahha

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