Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mt. Pantingan-Tarak Traverse - 2nd group to explore the trail

Jose Barcena,
Jay Marquez
Leo Ho
Freddie Fernandez

Day 0

23:30 leave Bataan Transit

Day 1 (9.5 to 10hrs of trek)

12:30 arrived at Bataan
01:30 fetch by the tricycle to the guides house
04:30 arrived at the guide's house, coffee break
05:30 start trek
07:00 dannys gate
07:30 flat hill, stop for pictures
07:45 reached the fork of peak and water source
09:35 tatalong pako
10:00 flat surface; kuyakoy; prep lunch then lunch
12:00 back to trek
13:00 Pantingan peak
19:30 Batwat river cama; pitch tent, dinner socials
23:00 lights off

Day 2 (8 to 8.5hrs of trek)

0500 wake up call; break fast; kuyakoy; break camp
09:00 start trek
10:30 daang COWBOY
14:00 sky wall ; late lunch
14:30 back to trek
15:30 Tarak Peak; taking pictures
16:00 descend from Peak
17:45 Papaya River
18:30 jump off.

Originally planned should be with Ms. Sharon and her bf and Ella Dorado. Unfortunately, girl thing for Ms. Sha and Ms. Ella "gone to India". :D

Ka Fred, Jose and Leo drive ourselves to Bataan transit along with others just to get in the bus by all means for us to arrive at Bataan on time. Left Cubao at 23:30 and arrived Bataan at 01:30 at Bataan transit terminal. While waiting for the trike to come, we stayed at 7-11 waiting area outside. Soon as the trike arrive to pick us, we left to the guide's house. Trike is worth its rent though because of the distance from 7-11 to the guide's house. At the guide's house, ka Jose cooked an instant noodles and heated water for their coffees while I took a half bath. :D

We started trek at 05:30. From the guards house passing to the streams, trail is just fine. after crossing the river, the trail is continuously going up but not steep up to Danny's gate. From Danny's gate to the fork which leads to summit(left trail) and water source(right trail)-15-20mins away from the fork, the trail is just fine. Beautiful views Mt. Natib, Cinco Picos and another mountains can be viewed.

a cloudy weather of Mt. Pantingan area as viewed from our place before Danny's gate

a fine weather of Mt. Tarak area as viewed from our place before  Danny's gate

At Danny's gate 

resting at Danny's gate

Mt. Cinco Picos as our backview

bald area of Bataan

10mins away from Danny's gate to the fork trail

left trail-summit/peak; right trail-water source

 While ka Jose, ka Fred and Mang Bakwat(tribe's name of our guide kuya Ruel) are filling our empty bottles of water to the water source, Leo and I 'steal' a nap while Jay is busy browsing some of the pictures(unknowingly taking us pictures while napping).

 Geez, just 2 meters high on top of trees from where we are is the house of a honeybee(beehive). Mang Bakwat told us before we leave the area which make us leave the area quickly.

2 meters away from us is the beehive-from this big tree

About 10-15minutes from Tatlong Pako is a flat surface where we take our lunch. Of course, we cooked/prepared food first. Wehehe

Mating butterflies on the left and the kind of trail to be passed through from the water source with the logs (below)./

on top, sir Jay while capturing the area of "Talong Pako" - on the right with the tree where the three nails are buried. Mang Bakwat while 'stealing a nap'. :D

And By the way, highway, superway, segway, railway, PLEASE STOP VANDALIZING! Along the trail of Daang Cowboy after the Skywall, there is this beautiful rock formation with vandals. And in Tarak I saw several "BAET" written to stone bench and other areas (unfortunately, I don't have pics of it). The last time I've been to Tarak, this vandal is not present. This is my 3rd time in Tarak and I love it there minus the vandals and others wastes!

a trail from skywall to Tarak peak-its right side is a cliff

Tarak is beautiful (so as other mountains), please don't destroy its beauty! Could it be you are a local or a hiker please love nature as you love your loved ones specially yourself. RESPECT PLEASE!!! You are not the creator of nature/things you're destroying.

Pantingan-Tarak album:

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