Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mt. Humarap - Birthday

with the Backpackers and other guests:
Mon Sarmiento
Ivan Laurence
Henry Heinz LopezAlvarez Jr.
Weng Topasi
Timothy Roy Vergara
+Byaheng Jologs Weng C Bulaon
Reggie Kenji Revolteado
Jovy Duremdes
Angelica Cawaling
Paul VIncent Sarte
Cecile de Castro Alviz
Anne Aujero
Ray Mhar Mau Tanyag Mauleon
Gi-Anne Marie Ghie Agoncillo
Ralph Flores
Dee Pee Piano

As I return to Manila from Tacloban, I am torn and don't know what to do. I still would like to proceed in going to Bacolod for a trip with Team 5C Travelers even if I won't be able to climb Mt. Kanla-on as long as I am with them as planned. I don't know what to think of specially that I am the one planning for climbing Mt. Kanla-on in Negros (Bacolod) then Guimaras and Iloilo. I already spent more than 10,000 just for the fare alone because of rebooking my trip for times because of some uncertain changes and events.

Later at (15th) night, I decided to be going with sir +JC SABIO and Cecile to Mt. Cinco Picos since I am already invited and just tagged myself to "maybe" since I am not certain yet. But as I tried to contact JC, He is can not be reached and I can't text because of my sims network problem. By then, I posted in my wall and sir Mon inveted me. Since JC did not reply to my texts using my other networks sim, I confirm my attendance to sir Mon. and cancelled my "going" status to :maybe" again to Mt. Cinco Picos event.

I am not so excited about the hike. I would just like to climb. and maybe, if +Byaheng Jologs did not invite me and confirm that shes coming with the Backpackers instead of the Sabit-sabit Mountaineers with JC and Cecile, I would have gone to Cinco Picos instead because I only knew Ivan, Mon, Hienz and Angel. 

Well then, going with them is worth it. We stopped by the Paete Church and wait for sir Kenji and others before going to the jumpoff. I wanna protest and don't know what to think of when what welcomed us is the church where the graduation rights was held. I am against it but I don't know what to do. They should not do the rights inside the church. There are big open area outside the church why should they still make it inside? I consider myself as tourist because I am not a local or I don't live there. Much as I wanna protest, I don't know how.


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