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Mt. Mayon/Mayon Volcano great escape

March 23-24, 2013 (Palm Sunday! Post birthday Climb <3<3<3)
***when you are thankful, you'll be blessed***

with XTMSI - Thanks much!!! <3<3<3 Breaking the previous record of 8 people (Portuguese) to reach the summit, with 16!!! Only 16 (plus Solene and Victor) out of 25 made it to summit/crater because of the cut off time. Filipino climbers rock!!!! To our friends who all made it to George step, congrats!!! Sayang at may cut off.. :) lahat sana tayo nalanghap ang pinagmamalaking Sulfur ni Mayon hehehe <3<3<3 First time ko ang mag assist at hindi makapasok. Worth it! Hindi ka basta gala, sooooo memorable ka! <3<3<3


with XTMSI
Arnel Austria-XTMS Team Leader
Timothy Roy Vergara
Jay Felix
Alvin Amben Mendez
Annabelle Frias Jairo
Rica Panerio
Bimboy Villalba Resare-Lucas
Paul (Anthony Monge Isidro)
Mark Jemil Cable
Bong Damian
Andrewz Maximus Pioquid Minglana
Arjay Leonardo
Cris Dioso Casidsid

Day 0 - March 22, 2013

19:00 leave Makati
19:30 leave EDSA P30
21:10 leave DLTB Alabang #1003  P850
22:20 Franklin Baker
23:30 1st stop

Day 1 March 23, 2013

04:20 eat lugaw :D P30
05:30 Naga
07:30 Legaspi terminal
08:15 leave terminal
08:25 breakfast at Jollibee P140
10:25 to Cagsaua Ruins P30 jeep and P10 entrance
11:25 leave Cagsaua Ruins
12:30 lunch at Office
13:05 leave tourism outpost
13:45 end of hi-way - drop off
14:00 start trek
14:25 proper jumpoff - first stop
15:05 (3)fork - choose middle (the left twice)
15:40 camp 1
22:00 lights off

Day 2 March 24, 2013

02:20 wake up call
03:15 start trek
04:04 camp 2
08:50 crater/SUMMIT - with hours of stop
19:05 camp 1 - Solene Durmois
22:10 trek down
23:10 jump off

Day 3 March 25, 2013

06:30 leave Tabaco Albay
21:45 arrived in Pioneer Mandaluyong - Robinsons
22:00 safely home

Few days after Mt. Humarap with the BackPackers, Tim asked me if I wanted to go to Mt. Mayon. A dream come true! At first, I intended to reserve for Leonhard, a friend who's going back to Germany after the 2nd week of April. As promised to him that we're going to Mayon before his flight. Two days before the climb, he said that he can't make it. So I decided to go instead.

Here comes the day! Of course, I have to come to office still. I am trapped in EDSA because its Friday and its really hard to hail for a cab! Geez, I don't have a choice but to ride an ordinary bus. I prefer ordinary for a roller coaster ride! lol! :D And with that, I forgot my MMDA helmet, face mask, and gloves!

Whew! When I arrived at DLTB Albang, I wonder if I am the only 'girlalu in town'. I really look for girls. I may not be so sure but I am relived when I saw two girlalu with trekking outfits. LOL! At least, because whenever I return and my friends will see the pictures with only me as a girl in the group, they will tease me again that I am a boy! Geez! :D

For more than 10hrs of travel, we then arrived at Legaspi terminal. At Naga area, Mayon Volcano can be seen already. And while on our way and upon seeing Mayon, I told Arnel that it is the Mayon Volcano, he doubted because it seems like with a lower height that what they know. At least, I can still remember the shape and the Mayon Volcano from afar / from the distance (road).

After more than 30mins of waiting for Gino and Elmer, At 08:15, kuya pick us (I, Tim, Jay, Amben, Annabs, and Glen) from terminal for us to eat our breakfast first because the 1st batch already left to the outpost.

There is so much anticipation in me. I don't know what I am feeling as the time to trek to Mayon is fast ahead. Am I excited, scared, or something, I don't really know..? All I know is that this is it! My ever dream before! My dream to see Mayon only to its footsteps is now real, and for real, not only to its footsteps but to its crater! God is so great to give us all this chance to feel also its trail right on our own.

I use to take pictures of the LCC Mall, the tower/monument just around the circle and even made it to pray to St. Jude chapel nearby the outpost/office, where the jeepee stays. Thanks God! It's palm Sunday tomorrow so I have to pray hard to keep us all safe and happy. IT time to leave the outpost should be 10:00. Unfortunately, Something's wrong so we head to Cagsaua Ruins while killing the time. Unfortunate again that when we reach Cagsaua, rain showers welcomed us and the Mayon show only half of its shape. Positively thinking that tomorrow, or while we are trekking to him, and specially at the summit that he will show his beauty and will give us a beautiful clearing! :) <3<3<3

After almost an hour of waiting for him to show up, we head back to outpost because he didn't. 12:30, we took our lunch together to the outpost because the jeepee head to vulcanizing. Geez! 13:05 when we leave outpost. We are dropped by the jeepee at the end of hi-way. I don't really know whats the name of the place. Hehe! We fix ourselves and started trek at 14:00 to the jumpoff, 20-25minutes away from the hi-way.

Mayon is really amazing!!! I always remember that Mayon was once a part of the 7 Wonders of the World because of its perfect cone! I always remember that when I was in primary school, I always wonder when can I be with this beautiful creature with the wonderful scenery along with this Cagsaua Ruins! I always wonder if this Cagsaua Ruins looks like a haunted house since it is covered with vines, just like when I first saw it on postcard pictures with great Mayon on its background. I really thought Cagsaua Ruins is beside Mayon Volcano!!! lol Geez!!!

Now that I am here, all of my questions has now been answered. And thanks always dear God for always giving me not what I want but what I deserve! I may think that I don't deserve to be here but I am always thankful dear God for letting me experience what mostly mountaineers have longed to be with.

I booked and organized for Kanlaon as supposed to be my birthday climb with Team 5C Travellers but You failed me. Despite all of that, I am still thinking positive with my day. As a result, I climb Hill 522 -  a very historical Hill in Palo Leyte and find my own trail to traverse it! lol! I didn't know that, I just want to climb and I just knew when I search for it, with what was there of Hill 522, why it is famous in Palo, and Mt. Humarap of Paete after with The Backpackers, a historical Mountain also. Well, I must admit, I am still thinking of when to go to Bacolod again to climb Mt. Kanla-on. Probably not this year since all my leaves are consumed already. :) Oh well, this is great because now I know why He didn't allow me to go to Kanla-on because all this time, He was preparing Mt. Mayon for me! Thanks God, always! I am really reserving a slot for Leonard Hofbauer, a German mountaineer friend. But because of his schedule, he can't make it and of course, I grab the opportunity! <3<3<3

I am amazed by Mayon as always... When we are preparing for hike, Mayon is covered by clouds. But as we got near him, its footground, the view becomes clearer and clearer! While walking towards him, I always prayed to keep us all safe and bless with the most beautiful scenery and weather as we climb and got near him specially during our real climb for its crater! Mayon is an active volcano. It May not erupt for years but anytime, it may bring earthquake and worst, may erupt! I am deeply keeping my faith that we will all make it to climb Mayon and positive thinking!!!

Xtreme, I am always thankful that you accommodate me, a guest in your group in Mayon climb even if you didn't know whether I can make it or not. Thank you all for everything! Your socials,,,, Geez! Anna and Rica, I really think you didn't drink?!?!?! I am much confident of it but I failed, only you guys make me drink!!! Waaaah! You guys are great team! :)

Here comes the wake up call of 03:00, geez, few hours of sleep, and 30minutes advance wake up call. lol! I make it at the second group to ascend but advanced with the first group with Jay, Arnel, Leo Bunso and kuya manong guide. Hike at the forested area is just fine. Even if I am bothered because of my height and with my not long-legs, I have to grip at the branches and tiny trunks of the trees because of the deep areas where you have to take a big step to get up from the low ones.

The trail, since it is still dark, is not really visible. What makes it visible is the light of course. As always, night trekking is better specially when you have fear in height because you wont barely know  the trail you are taking with. I only noticed that I we are trekking with all concrete stone-ground and that I have to grip with also the stones! :D

As the dawn breaks, the trail is getting visible and the surroundings is getting amazing, thrilling, and steep! Kuya manong guide, I forgot his name, Nads?! He didn't let us gone too far from the group after us. So we have lots of waiting for the coming group. I don't really get his point. He said, the other guide will be pissed off if we proceed and will be hours away from them. Yeah, He has point now, lol. He said, we have to be together becasue of the falling rocks. Yeah, lots of falling rocks as we go farther. I forgot my helmet, I forgot as well the mask! Geez, so much excitement maybe. We meet along the way a British /German mountaineer who ascended at 01:00 at the Rabbit's ear area. He had gone 3/4 of the trail only because he had to cope up with his flight which is at 11:00. Unfortunate for him. The guide said, the mountaineer is kind of afraid also because of the wind blow on top. They got up to the Boulders only. What's funny is, that mountaineer, right when he arrived at camp 1, I asked him "how was climbing Mt. Mayon so far?", he answered, "Marvelous!"! But, at the trail where we meet him again that morning, I asked him again, "how was climbing Mt. Mayon now?", he answered oppositely from his first, "worst!". wahahaha! How did he find climbing there difficult? Maybe in my case, I must say, at the trail right before the rabbit's ear, I have a litlle hard time ascending the trail since I am a small person and obviously, I am not a long legged! lol! I have hard time stepping to the big stones going up! Not lucky enough, lol!

The sunrise is amazing as ever! The sun is like hiding from the clouds and cirrus-like clouds covered the area and gone after some minutes and the Bicol region become visible as well! So cool!

ok to be continued ulit...wehehhe! busy busyhan daw ang diwata... dami pending posts... :(((

Thanks sir Arnel! :)
"congratz to 25 bravest climber on earth who conquered mayon volcano buwis-buhay make ur own trail... i am sorry that i have caused you extreme exhaustion during climb and severe pain on d post climb however u defeated fear, u have defended urself from shower of rocks as heavy as 20 pounds, u have cheated death, u rock climbed 90 degrees loose and knife sharp lava rock walls and boulders, u have achieved the ultimate satisfaction, self confidence and love in nature. after 50 major climb in my back i hereby certified you as x'treme trekkers!!! woooohaa. difficulty 8/9, danger 11/9. highly recommended that you invite your enemies to climb this. hehehe..."  -  Arnel Autria-3/26/12 11:06

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