Tuesday, March 19, 2013

McArthur Park journey- Palo, Leyte

March 15, 2013, upon arrival at Tacloban Airport at around 06:00, I am thinking of maximizing my stay while waiting for +L-Mer Jake Valle and my trip to Naval. Since I am hungry, I choose to eat downtown at +McDonald's  just across the passengers boat port. McDonald's and Jollibee are the easiest to access fast food since it is just along the way. There are also 'carenderias' found nearby. I choose McDonald's since I want to see the sea/port.

While waiting for Yaku, I am thinking of going to San Juanico Bridge and McArthur. But if I go to San Juanico, I think I can't go to Naval earlier as I am thinking of getting there on time of the wedding. So I decided of going to McArthur only.

I met Rafael Suarez (if I remember his name right), a man with a daughter of 30+ yrs old and a grandson of 6yrs old? He's fun to be with. We talked a lot about hotels, businesses, sceneries, beautiful places in Cebu, Tacloban and Biliran. I enjoyed talking to him because he has lots of stories that is also informative. After waiting for more than an hour, I decided to go alone to McArthur.

Rafael said, McArthur is for sale already?! My, I panicked, protest and reminisce the days while I am in the area years ago. I am thinking how, it is a tourist spot and a historical place of the Philippines?! It can't be.. I feel so sad! I don't know how and I hope not!

Riding minicab just in front/nearby McDonald's with a signage of 'Campetic/St. Paul's/Marasbaras' for P10.00 to BIR at around 08:00. McArthur is just 30-45 minutes away from downtown. You will be dropped at Petron gas station. Just cross to BIR. You can choose to ride pedicab(P10.00) or tricycle(P8.00). I choose to ride the pedicab. At P10.00, I can feel the nature and the mild wind blow naturally.

The place is still solemn and beautiful. I don't know if swimming in the seawall area is still allowed but it still looks the same for me just like I saw it years ago.

Way back 2004, on my last trimester in PWU(graduating), I choose to go to my homeland and transfer to SPBS in Campetic to join my friends who studied there also. I enjoyed my stay in my last years in college in SPBS even if it takes another almost 2years to complete my course. Here in McArthur park, every Valentines Day, all the singles came here and jokingly say, "punta tayo doon magpa firing squad!". We do cheerdance practice here, Junior Jaycees(Candahug) meeting and other school and extra curicular activities here.

Even if I am here alone this day, my day is already overwhelmed by the place, McArthur Park!!! Thanks God for bringing me here again! <3<3<3

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