Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mt. Maculot's Mystical Mystery - Finding Biki-Victor Joel Ayson

Since I heard the missing of Victor Joel Ayson from the television last Monday, all I wanna do is go to Mt. Maculot and help find him or even volunteer with others for the distribution of supplies. Unfortunately, much as I intent to go, I have to work since it is not a holiday. But everytime I think of him, I always pray for his safety. Here comes Friday night, since my mind is already set in going to Mt. Maculot even if I am surely out of budget, I prayed and hoped that I can make it to go and help the search. God is always good and thanks to +Byaheng Jologs  for informing me that Daryl Comagon posted that they're going to Mt. Maculot and inviting volunteers to come with them because they're going with an L300. I intend to go of course. But I came home late and my headache triggers and I intend to rest instead and proceed with my original plan to go alone with a bus in the morning since other mountaineers I know whom I am inviting are not coming for their personal reasons. Lucky enough that when I read PM's link, I read Fra Lowe's post regarding going to Mt. Maculot and called up RB's posted number and hitch with the jeepney with Karina/KC, 'Thish' and Joyce in the jeepney with the donated goods Saturday morning....

Deo Calumba, Mike, Myla, Lica
Mylen, Daryl Comagon, Jaypee Rodriguez, Andros Magos, Errol, Chorva Omeng Salvador,

"ang mga nilalang sa kabundukan ay sadyang inilagak doon dahil gusto daw nila ng matiwasay at tahimik na pamumuhay. ang mga tao ay sadyang inilagak sa kabaryuhan dahil sadyang sila'y mapaglikha ng ingay". kaya kapag sana nasa kabundukan tayo, magbigay galang at respeto sa mga makaksalubong lalung-lalo na sa mga nilalang na nagbabantay doon. hindi por que wala tayong nakikita ay wala tayong kasama.sana iyan ang isipin ng mga umaakyat sa kabundukan. na sa maniwala man sila o hindi, may mga nakatira din doon na dapat galangin dahil hindi lamang tayo ang nilalang dito sa mundo"

April 13, 2013 Fellow mountaineer text me for an update. While I we are on Mt. Tarak peak, I don't know how to feel when I read his text that Vic's body found dead in the cave under the rockies. And the body was confirmed by his parents. No definite idea yet, We offered self prayers for him during dinner.

April 14, 2013 A hope was still there when this fellow mountaineer update me that his parents didn't see his body yet. I may see posts regarding his lost, I am still hoping just like his family and others that he's still alive and just where else.

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