Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mt Tarak-successful newbie climb

April 13-14, 2013
Romer Matubang
Bong Damian
Cherries Ann Maniquiz
Lowelyn Ludovice
Libani Bati-on
Mark Dave Bernardo
Regor Andeza
Michelle Castillo

Before Holy Week, this should be done already. Due to unfortunate events, we cancelled the scheduled climb. Thanks guys for bearing with me. kahit ang pinakaimportanteng tubig pa ang hindi ninyo ginawa o dinala sa bundok!!! Mga pasaway! Since newbie nga, forgiven, :D

No really definite time of going to the bus station, location of the bus station and bus lines! Geez! :D

Giving only an initial time of 10pm to meet at Genesis bus lines, I changed it to 12am friday afternoon. But due to kabagalan, we didin't make it to 1am flight, este trip pala. But professionally, sir Bong, Li, mark and Regor made it before 12am at the bus lines. I, Mitch, Lowie and Che, are 2minutes late for the 1am trip so we ended up taking the bus of 2am. Departed really at 02:10.

Since yours truly is the the "host" daw, most are newbies, and only me new the trail, I decided to register at the barangay hall for in case of any uncomfortable happenings, nakaregister kaming lahat! :D gravah naman pala, P40 pala ang registration per head, akalak ko pa naman P10 lang! :D

We started our trek at 05:00 from the barangay. After less than an hour of trek, we reached nanay Cordings abode-mountaineers stop over from and to the jumpoff. Rested for maybe 30minutes, we started trek again going to Papaya River at 06:17. And for less than an hour, we reached the said river. Of why it is called such, I don't know... :D They dip at the river except me and Che (It's a girl thing! lol!) after our breakfast of only bread and hotdog?! I'm glad, Rome followed us. He arrived at the river 5minutes after us. He gave me the idea of preparing the carrots, and cabbage before going to the peak because we don't have enough water for 'sopas' and cooking food and coffee. Lucky that I have the ziplock for the veggies.

I'm really glad that they like the Papaya River. Red bra blooper and others make the climb worth it. Trekking to the peak again from Papaya river is not that easy for them but I'm glad, they made it to the summit in less than 4hrs just like the in Papaya River. My set IT is followed and I'm glad too that  they made it ahead of the average time of trek in Tarak. Congrats guys! :)

Shame on me, ako kasi ang kung ano ang meron, iyon lang ang pwede... :) Good thing, andon si Rome and thanks to sir Bong as well for all the assistant thing! :) We have sopas, coffee, hotdog, marshmallows, rice, tuyo, Solve and gabi! :D

Since we don't have any liquor or wine with us, Lowie and Mitch decided to sleep early. while the rest decided to star gaze after our toasted hotdog and melting marshmallows. :) First attempt is unsuccessful! there no any sign of stars. Instead, what we see is only fog! For the first time in my whole life, I love hanging around with the fog, I bet, and really sure that all of us out are all amazed by the fog and enjoyed by what was seen! The fog is moving so fast just like a tornado! The only difference is, it is moving in only one direction. Good thing, sir Bong's flashlight is like a laserbeam. lol! There, we see how the fog moves, how does it looks like at night, what is its effect when light is focused to it, how shadows look like when also focused to its moving effect! We are all like children that are amazed by the only thing which makes them happy! Thanks guys for joining! Few minutes after our child-like enjoyment, we go back to the bonfire-made area and continue and chit-chat while hoping and waiting for the stars for our hopefully stargazing.

Thanks God! Stars show up for maybe after 10-15 minutes! Che didn't follow-us to star gaze. We had fun that night! Really fun! specially me. We may don't have liquors but the night is worth it with the people like them with sense of humor, fun attitude, patience and courage! Thanks guys, always! That night, we have this fog gazing, star gazing, owl gazing, city lights gazing of Bataan and Manila, and cloud gazing! There is this owl which fly's around. Maybe, that owl enjoyed the light of our flashlights that keeps on flashing to 'him'   everytime he comes out from somewhere. Our conversation with our Mt. Marami experience just last Tuesday was continues shared, and what makes the night dun is the cloud gazing. While we gazed with the city lights, there are this cumulus clouds. Because of everybody's sense of humor, we created many shapes on it, and drawing it with the city lights on our funny minds! Thanks for the beautiful evening guys!

Morning the following day, only Rome, Mark and Li welcomed the sunrise. I only get up when I heard them done with their breakfast and are preparing for peak. At night Lowie decided not to go the peak with Mitch but turns to be Mitch only and Lowie come with us. Because they applied make up after sunscreen/protector asagreed, I decide only to put sunscreen on my face, no lotion but put a magic lipstick and a fave blue eyeshadow on my eyes! :D all dressed up, after my coffee and their make up done, we proceed to the Peak 2 of Tarak!

There, since there are group before us to the peak, we waited for them to finish their photo session. And while waiting for them, we proceed down to the rock after the fave rock in Peak. We take photos with dresses, lol, we have make up, so the groups in the peak if I'm not mistaken is Sagul and others, are amazed maybe, because they keep on looking at us and wonder maybe why we have make up. lol! It's fun being with you all guys! Special thanks to our photographer Rome! lol! After Sagul's session in our fave rock, we exchange with the 'rock '.

All of our companion trek down before Rome and I. We stopped with every rock form that we like and take pictures with each other. When we reached the peak's campsite, they're all gone. Rome and I continues with our 'photo shoot' to the rocks at the back of the campsite just where we night gaze, and break tent after. We also take pictires to Tarak's famous deadwood and trek down after.

I assist Mitch at the grassland area, to the loose soil portion, where we reached her. Then sir Bong-who first assist her and Rome trek down ahead the two of us. When Mitch and I reached Papaya River, Lunch is already prepared. After lunch, we decided to wait for everyone (other groups) to finish their turn to the river and we replace them after, where only us are alone in the river.

Whoa! I have been to the crime scene with Che! Jesus, don;t they knew how to cover their wastes?! tissues, pantyliners as well are scattered all over! My 2nd time to poop while I am in the mountain. Lol! :D I can't forget my 1st, where I did it to Mt. Mayon/Mayon Volcano! :D Shame but true! :D

I congratulate you all guys for trekking down so fast as I did not expect you to be which made us to the last trip bound to Manila!!!


  1. salamat naman po at nag enjoy kayo! :D pero ayaw ko na...wahahhaha! langya kayong lahat pinagdala ko kayo ng 1.5-2liters na empty bottles para sa tubig na gagamitin sa taas, walang nagdala?! waaaaaaaa! :((((( NGA NGA!!!