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Joey Vergara - Missing or just roaming?! Go home safe!


Taken last March 2013

June 19, 2013

When Chorva text (GM I guess) that Joey is missing, I just waited for the update. I am a bit nervous but I know Joey is not just a simple mountaineer. He has the ability most mountaineers don't have. I prayed and posted for his safety through FB.

When a SAR request was received, I immediately posted it through FB (own timeline, Hiking Buddies, Mountaineering Itinerary, Let's Unite all the Climbers in the Philippines, and Diwatang Gala-Amber)  which I know the only means
to communicate fellow mountaineers and other concern citizens (of the Philippines :)) and monitor Chorva's text from time to time.

I received calls from my fellow mountaineers cum friends after my posts. We talked about him and only him of course. We believed that he's not missing. Hoping that he's just somewhere in the mountain exploring, having a very pleasant time loving it's beauty. He's not an ordinary one and we knew his capabilities. Positively thinking as always. More when fellow mountaineers commented about of him seen at Manabu by manong Mario (09994106990), our pretty good guide (Malipunyo traverse to Manabu) during our 3peaks in a day year-end climb 2012. That's a pretty well read comment. A very good sign that he's pretty alive and kicking (kaututang-dila!).

The very concern thing here is not him losing in the mid of the mountain because that'd the biggest issue for us to doubt. The only thing is, his food supply specially water/hydration, if all of those is enough on his little journey in that certain mountain. Plus, of course, his very own family which is understandable how they reacted. Parents knew how their children acts and their capacity in every thing. But with those period of time (3days without communication), you can not evade from the thing how love would bring you everywhere else just to see/be with your loved ones. In this case, no matter how well they knew Joey, they still have to exert effort for his safely still. And always hoping and praying that "all is well" out there!

I called the numbers Dennis gave me for us to know his existence (registration) in Manabu area, but failed. As the councilor (09215573332) said, he had no idea about Joey Vergara, according to him, he's not registered in their logbook. I even called up manong Mario but his number just keeps on ringing.

Please go home safe tomorrow!

At 06:16
Chorva text me about Joey's missing issue.

At 09:31
Text again about the confirmation that he leads some group to traverse Malipunyo-Manabu.

I posted what was Chorva text me (GM maybe) with permission.

Around 12:00
Andros commented on my post that Joey has been found already and on his way home.

At 12:37
Chorva texted that someone from kaladkaren group posted about Joey (was found already this morning).

At 13:28
Text that the group are ready for SAR headed by Aye, coordinated with Joey's family

At 15:26
Posted about immediate SAR requested by Joey's father:
Mga sir and madam, kakatawag lang po sir ayie, nid ng tao na avail 2nyt 4 SAR. .iniip0n pa nya grupo nya fr0m malab0n. . iL B avail bukas, il chek 2day f pwd aku, 2 hawk eye s0 far mkakasama! Nagpapa immediate sar ang daddy ni sir j0ey! Meet up malipunyo barangay 2lak na n0w! Thanks!---Chorva---

At 17:58
pag wala p c joey ngayon gabi. bukas report n nmin s police station n lipa at san pablo.
- txt po ni sir jess vergara 2me, jz n0w! Father po ni kap j0ey v. .---Chorva---

At 18:52
Ayie team, 2 hawkeye, mdrrmc tia0ng, certain philip team, mang mario n l0cals wil pr0ceed na, basecamp wil b in malipunyo, bka may mauna pu dun,h0ld muna 4 orientati0ns and briefing b4 mag pr0ceed,nag pa bl0tter napu xi sir jess vergara-father,sa mga nsasakupang bayan para wel c0ordinated po tau sa gagawing sar! Makikita pu xa,lets pray!


Grace Gunayon Navoa
kasama kami ulit ni sir joey nung sunday kaso ayun talagang mag solo MAL-MANABU-TRAV daw sya..hindi nya na kami ginayd pababa kasi gagabihin daw sya paakyat kaya kami lang ang bumaba,sabi pa namin...........................................

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER: Sir Joey “ kayo lang po mag isa”, dib a sir delikado, maulan,wala po kayong kasama..

JOEY VERGARA: OO, walang gustong sumama eh, SOLO climb-Pa MANABU TRAV

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER:San po kayo mag Camp –

JOEY VERGARA:Dito sa Peak 1, hindi ko na pala kayo masasamahan pababa kasi gagabihin ako paakyat

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER:Ganun po ba sir,(binigay naming lahat ng tira naming pagkain,worried kami kasi SOLO CAMP SYA SA PEAK 1

Bago bumama nag uusap pa si ALEX at SIR JOEY tungkol sa mga trail pakabila..
---mahabang pag uusap kasama si sir joey bago bumaba ang grupo,,,kwentuhan ng grupo bago kami magdecide na mag descend ng 2pm dahil may mga pasok pa po sa trabaho ang ilan sa amin…

JOEY VERGARA:Sige maam, sir,, ingat po kayo pababa,, txt –txt na lang,,

FRONTLINE MOUNTAINEER: 3:20 nakababa kami sa may tindahan,, uminom ng softdrinks,,5:20PM lipa bus terminal,,,dito nagtxt kami kay sir joey na nasa bus na kami pa alabang-wala syang reply....

---usually after nya mag guide sa amin magrereply sya sa txt namin----

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