Monday, June 17, 2013

Mt. Manalmon-Mother's Day Celebration

May 12, 2013
Plan B of EDSA Challenge! :D

Weng Bulaon
Reynante Mina
JC Sabio
Racky Inoncillo Bernardo

Wahaha! lagi na lang!

EDSA Challenge as they tagged the event. Wow, I didn't get to set my alarm as always... :D Good thing It was EDSA! lol! I can wait for them at Guadalupe since the meeting place is Monumento.

Didn't get to bed and waiting for the event time. 4am as JC said! Geez, I've been calling iniina and JC baby, but the phone can not be reached! What's wrong with the event?! I wonder if the event is still up. At 04:30, I tried calling iniina again (without sleep yet). Finally, she answered! When asked what time is the call time, she said, it is 5am! Jesus Christ! JC baby is really JC! We got to laugh when she found out that I am still awake just because I am waiting for the call time. I decided not to go instead and preparing myself to sleep. An hour after, I abruptly get up from bed when I see that it's past 06:00. I called up iniina and asked her where they were already. I wonder if they're nearby Guadalupe, I still can follow/wait for them. I was so surprised when iniina said that they're still at Tropical waiting for Mina! Geez! Mina, I told you to spare liquor that night! So stubborn. Wehehe! When I asked iniina what's their plan B, its Tagaytay or Manalmon. When I heard Manlamon, I quickly changed my running shoes to my favorite hiking shoes! I should be prepared not to slipped at Manalmon (telling myself though)!

I travel from Makati to Monumento for almost an hour! Geez, I stopped by some place where I thought was Monumento already because the conductor said so. lol! Take another ride from there to Monumento. Funny, I kept looking for Tropical Hut (meeting place) but laughed at when I found out that it was in the opposite direction.

A minute or two when Racky, Iniina, JC and I met, we left Tropical and head to 'kilometer...." to ride with a Bus bound to Manalmon. When we reached the drop-off, JC saw the Unli lugaw for P25. Since we are waiting for Mina (called up before we reached the bus' drop off area), we decided to have breakfast first in the Unlilugaw carenderia! :D JC and I have 2 servings of Lugaw with egg, while Iniina and Racky have a heavy rice meal (choz)!

When Mina arrived, he just have a quick breakfast which Iniina bought from the unliligaw carenderia. When he's finished with his breakfast cum lunch, we departed through the tricycle, driven by a young man (P50 each) to jump off. But we are robbed with P15 gate fee. lol. Our guide said, that that fee should came from the tricycle driver but we're the one paying it. It's ok though. P50 each is worth it because the jump off is really far! Geez, I am thinking of Pantingan again. We're travelling like an hour or less.

Before we get to the registration area, we ride with the bamboo-something for a minute or less because they didn't want to climb or use the cable something to cross the river.

Registration fee is P10.00. Guide fee ranges from P300 above depending on the mountain to climb and caves to explore. We started the trek late in the afternoon so we decided to just go to Mt. Manalmon alone. Upon going to Mt. Manalmon, you'll surely pass by Madlum cave. It's amazing. The only thing that's disappointing are the vandals around the cave. Whether those were made by locals and or tourist/mountaineers/guests, the guides should also be responsible in educating the guests. They're tour guides. And they supposed to do the right thing in their territory. So much that their guide fee is too high/expensive for me.

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